Saturday, 28 November 2015

Overview of Mount Kailash Inner Kora

Kailash is geographically very strategic in location southwest corner of Ngari (The western part of Tibet). The region has glaciers and panoramic view with varing shades of Kailash – the glacier below Kailash Mountain is facing towards the north is Ghangjam Glacier. The region is famous amongst Hindus and Buddhist and in the earlier times four monasteries were found here around Mount Kailash.

 Kailash Tour
  The Kailash Parvat Parikrama is for 38km involving Astapath, Nandiparvat. Atmalingam, Saptrishi caves and Kuberkund. The Kailash Parikrama is full of ice, rocks, snow and crevices. Apart from the two monasteries there is no settlement in the region. The region of Darchan i.e, from where Yatra Parikrama starts and end has small temporary settlement.

Kailash Yatra 2016
During the Kora we can hike to Astapad and night at tented camp (Inner kora). From Astapad we can see Serlung monastery and a closer view of Kailash Parvat. Followed by this we can visit Atmalingam, Saptrishi caves (second day of inner kora) and night stay can be near Samtarishi cave. After this we come across the Nandi parvat known as Nandi La and Khandosalgam La and then return back to Darchan in the evening and proceed further to Dirapuk, Zuthulpuk and back.

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