Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra –A Cherished Lifetime Dream for the Devotees

Kailash Yatra ; is considered a lifetime dream and journey to Mount kailash. The spiritual location with several supersonic sites and the residency of the almighty. Lord Shiva, is true symbol of the ultimate divinity to the mankind. We believe every human soul of this Universe is associated with the Sacred mountain of Kailash. Kailash as an icon give to the world that the vicious circle/chakra of life goes on by the universal truth  and divine devotion of Shiva and eternal power.
  With the Hindu Mythology Linga and 7 sarpas hold importance as treated lucky hence numerous examples are set in association like - Seven Pheras or (rounds) in a Hindu marriage, the Saptrishi or (seven sages), seven Suras in music signify the importance of the number. There is a believe that the number seven describe as the entire time and space pillars revolving around the earth. On the same lines of the numerology of seven explains the positioning of mount Kailash as the seventh mountain in line with the mountain ranges.
Geography of  Kailash.
  The pious and spritual mountain of Kailsah  is located in the Tibet region of the Himalayan belt. Since the region is restricted and part of Tibet (Chinese Territory) require permits/permission from the Chinese authorities is required for (Kailash Mansarovar yatra) the journey to the sacred site.
The region is at the altitude of 20,000 ft above sea level, the Kailash mountain is spread over an area of around 63 kms. Standing tall high with an elevation and the Stony up and down terrain of the mountain, makes journey to region challenging, tiring and picturesque with several faces and added divinity all around.
Different formats of Mount Kailash
When we see the mountain from the south direction, we would feel the drawing of an image of the three-eyed Lord Shiva’s face. On looking at it from the west side, the mountain looks with the theme and  the signs of Nagaraja Vasuki, which usually resides around Shiva’s neck i.e., the snake.
 Based upon the Hindu Mythological books – the symbols of Nagaraja on the mountain appear at the time of turning around of the Ocean of Milk.

From the north side the enigmatic feel of this divinity can be felt where the shrine of  Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati lies. 


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